Valley View Medical Center Adds New Advanced CT Technology

December 15, 2015

DECEMBER 15, 2015 (FT. MOHAVE, AZ) – Valley View Medical Center has further solidified its commitment to high, diagnostic-quality images at an optimized dose to the patient with the addition of the Optima CT660, GE Healthcare’s leading CT (computed tomography) imaging technology. This 64- slice CT scan is equipped with an exclusive low dose reconstruction technology that can help physicians significantly reduce radiation dose while maintaining the high image quality and low contrast detectability they need for accurate diagnosis.

The scanner provides incredibly detailed images of the anatomy in seconds, which is critical in emergency room visits. The high power capability and thin slices of the scanner also provide the image clarity needed to assist physicians in making more informed diagnostic decisions through non-invasive means. The 64-Slice CT allows the experts to pinpoint heart disease early on - giving doctors more information to help plan appropriate treatment. It can capture thousands of images of the coronary arteries in seconds. During cardiac examinations, the 64-Slice CT takes exceptionally clear pictures of the heart while it's beating; virtually freezing the heart's motion. Additionally, this powerful technology is used by physicians to diagnose cancer and measure treatment progress.

“This advanced technology provides us clearer pictures with greater speed and accuracy than ever before, and is an important tool in early detection of heart disease,” states Dr. William Kelley, VVMC Medical Director of Imaging. “The new 64 slice scan gives us one thousand compared to 100 images per study, and the 3-D imagery allows us to view more of the body and find things that routinely did not show up on a regular CT scan.”

The new Optima CT660 64-Slice CT scan can be used across a wide spectrum of procedures including cardiac, angiography, brain, chest, abdomen, orthopedic, and more. It is also environmentallyfriendly with electric innovations designed to reduce power consumption by 54 percent.

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