Pool & Aquatic Therapy

Valley View Medical Center's Outpatient Therapy Services includes a pool for aquatic therapy.  Certain conditions and injuries are best treated while you are in water. By conducting your treatment session in water that is maintained at therapeutic temperatures, you will have greater control over your movement with less pain as your body is partially supported by the buoyancy of the water. The use of water allows you to function at levels that are not possible outside of this environment, which afford positive physical gains. The ultimate goal of aquatic therapy is to progress you to a more functional, land-based program.

Aquatic therapy is ideal for:

  • Arthritis management/joint pain  
  • Athletic/cardiovascular training 
  • Chronic back pain and lumbar stabilization 
  • Knee, ankle or foot pain/injuries 
  • Musculoskeletal disorders 
  • Spinal cord injuries  
  • Stroke  
  • Amputees 
  • Brain Injury 

An aquatic therapy plan of care can help a patient achieve:

  • Less pain with normal activities 
  • Greater ability to perform the activities that matter most to you 
  • Improved endurance throughout the day 
  • Improved balance and coordination