Committed To Our Community

November 2, 2018

Valley View Medical Center was opened in 2005 to meet the changing healthcare needs of people in Fort Mohave and the greater Tri-State area. In the last 14 years, our hospital has seen ups and downs, but our founding commitment to making the community healthier has never wavered, and the dedication of our staff to caring for their neighbors has remained as strong today as it was on our opening day.

Two years ago, Valley View underwent a change in executive leadership. The hospital had suffered some instability, and a shift was needed. Feliciano Jiron joined the team and began a long process of exploring Valley View’s operations—where its team prospered, where they struggled, how the hospital was faring in the evolving healthcare landscape, and how it could improve the ways it served the community.

Feliciano understood the critical role Valley View plays in this region. It employs more than 270 people, contributes nearly $250,000 to local organizations each year, pays more than $530,000 in local taxes, and provides more than $2.5 million in charity and uncompensated care.

So, he took time to listen to employees, physicians, patients and family members. He solicited input from local residents, state leaders and national experts. And he began, along with his board of trustees, employees and physicians, a process to make Valley View better—a place, as its vision aspires to be, where patients choose to come for healthcare, physicians want to practice, and employees want to work.

The leadership team established a plan, the fruits of which we are just beginning to see now. In the last 18 months, Valley View has succeeded in stabilizing its leadership and put in place individuals who are well prepared and committed to leading the hospital into the future. This team has worked to engage and invigorate staff, and is seeing positive momentum.

The hospital has begun to attract critical new medical professionals to our region. In 2017, our team brought 10 new physicians to Fort Mohave
in areas such as primary care and emergency medicine. This momentum has continued into 2018 with the addition of a new emergency department medical director, general surgeon and orthopedic surgeon.

In addition to bringing new medical professionals to this area, Valley View has expanded the quality care we have access to close to home through its collaboration with Havasu Regional Medical Center. This connection between sister hospitals has provided local patients with seamless access to highly-specialized care, including trauma care, spine surgery, cancer care and open heart surgery.

Valley View has put tremendous resources into enhancing patient and family experiences as well. Patient satisfaction is on the rise, and the team is
constantly seeking new ways to improve the experiences of patients and their family members, as evidenced by the addition of a new walk-in
clinic and the creation of a First Responder Leadership Council.

With a lot of structural and personnel challenges resolved, Valley View leaders, employees and physicians are focusing a great deal of attention on implementing new programs and practices to advance quality care and patient safety. They have processes in place to identify, investigate and address patient and provider concerns, and their efforts to enhance care have already shown great results in areas including obstetrics and emergency services.

Valley View leadership will always strive to provide the highest quality care in a safe and friendly environment. We are proud of our progress and committed to working in collaboration with our community to be a great partner in making this region healthier.

To succeed, we need your openness, your input, your honesty, and most importantly, your support. As always, we’d love to hear from you as we continue to strengthen our hospital for the future.
—Valley View Medical Center
Board of Trustees