May 9, 2017

     Valley View Wound Care and Hyperbarics Center has been recognized with a national award for continued excellence in wound healing.

     Leaders, physicians and clinicians from Valley View Wound Care and Hyperbarics Center gathered today to celebrate the Center’s receipt of the Robert A. Warriner III Center of Excellence award. The Center of Excellence award is given to Wound Care Centers® in the Healogics network that have met the highest level of quality standards for a minimum of two consecutive years.

Valley View Wound Care and Hyperbarics Center has achieved patient satisfaction rates higher than 92 percent, a healing rate of at least 91 percent in less than 31 median days along with several other quality standards for two years in a row. The Center was awarded this prestigious honor by Healogics, the nation’s leading and largest wound care management company. The award is named for Dr. Warriner, a pioneer in wound care and the former Chief Medical Officer for Healogics.  Across the country, 334 Centers were eligible and 169 Centers were honored with this award in 2017.

     “This award is a great honor and recognizes the knowledge, teamwork and commitment of our staff and the outstanding clinical care that patients receive at Valley View Wound Care Center,” states Feliciano Jiron, CEO of Valley View Medical Center. “It emphasizes our dedication to providing quality compassionate care close to home and our mission of making communities healthier.”

            The Wound Care Center is a member of the Healogics network of nearly 800 Centers, with access to benchmarking data and proven experience treating approximately 2.5 million chronic wounds.  Valley View Wound Care and Hyperbarics Center offers highly specialized wound care to patients suffering from diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, infections and other chronic wounds which have not healed in a reasonable amount of time. Some of the leading-edge treatments offered at the Wound Care Center include negative pressure wound therapy, debridement, application of cellular-based tissue or skin substitutes to the wound, offloading or total contact casts and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

     “Our Wound Care Center team members’ advanced knowledge, dedication and passion make us the premier Center in the area, states Laura Brennan, Program Director of Valley View Wound Care Center. Our patients often comment about the excellent service they receive, stating they believed their wounds would never be able to be healed, and did at our Center. It is my honor to belong to this team of highly skilled, compassionate professionals.”

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