Photo of one of Valley View medical Center's mother-baby care roomsLabor and Delivery

You have a choice as to where you are going to have your baby. We at Valley View Medical Center cherish the honor of being part of the most important moments of your life. Our number one goal is a healthy mom, baby and family unit with a family-centered and involved environment that results in a positive experience. Our compassionate and caring staff is knowledgeable and able to provide you with the care and comfort you need at all stages of your labor. 

Valley View Medical Center's Labor and Delivery Unit has 8 private suites as well as a triage suite. We embrace the family-centered care model which allows your baby to stay with you in your room. Research proves that Labor and Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum, and well-baby care go hand-in-hand with the bonding experience. Family-centered care includes fathers and/or support persons  participate in the child's birth. For the majority of the year, siblings are encouraged to visit. The exception is during severe flu season when visitor restrictions are in place for the safety of our patients.

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Your postpartum journey after delivery

You will stay in one of our comfortably furnished mother-baby care rooms. All items needed for care are conveniently stowed in armoires for a home-like atmosphere.  On your first postpartum day you and a guest will receive a special congratulatory meal including a bottle of sparkling cider signed by your care staff team. 

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please call 928-788-4949

A caring approach to advanced technology

Our physicians and staff combine caring expertise with innovative practices and advanced technology and are prepared to handle: 

  • Low and high risk vaginal deliveries
  • Cesarean section deliveries 

Our Labor and Delivery Unit

No matter your journey

Our labor and delivery unit has been built to deliver the best birthing experience possible. Our labor and delivery unit features:

  • Six labor-delivery rooms
  • 2 C-section specific rooms
  • Operating Room support, readiness and accessibility for Cesarean-sections
  • 24-hour anesthesia and surgical capability
  • In-house laboratory 
  • Complete bedside maternal-fetal monitoring 
  • Family-centered delivery
  • Top priority support services to meet individual patient needs

Our mother and baby unit features:

  • Private suites with a home-like environment
  • All medical care items conveniently accessible
  • WiFi access in both individual suites and waiting rooms      

A comfortable "quiet room" waiting area is available for family/visitor use. Our hospital lobby conveniently features a coffee cart with specialty drinks and snacks, a gift shop and a cafeteria refreshment area. 

For more information, or to schedule a tour, please call 928-788-4949.